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Is that you Hack South? Is this me?

What is Hack South? Many have asked, what is Hack South, why Hack South and where is this all going? This blog will try to lay out the foundation, the activity and the vision for Hack South, Home of the ubiquitous South. We will also highlight some things we are working on, highlight some roles, channels and activities.

TraceLabs Missing Persons CTF Podium

A few weeks ago, a rag tag motley crew from Hack South took part in the TraceLabs missing persons CTF as part of conINT 2020. It was our 4th shot as team Hack South, but this time we scored a podium finish and just missed out on 2nd place. This is the story of how we did it, with no case specifics.

0x03 - Getting started with Reverse Engineering

This post summarises the Meetup held on 1 December 2020. Agenda An introductory presentation on Software Reverse Engineering. A theory presentation will cover the types of outputs reverse engineers may investigate for CTFs and in practice. De-obfuscation, disassembly and decomplication will be discussed. We will look at the difference between static and dynamic analysis and how to use some of the common tools. The second half of the Meetup will feature two practical challenges: One guided, for attendees to follow along. The second one will be an exercise for attendees to try.

Announcing 0xcon 2020

0xcon 2020 is around the corner! We have some interesting local speakers sharing the hard work they have done over the year, and a privesc challenge that will be interesting to all of us. All of this will be done online due to COVID-19, but we are setting this up to maintain the collaborative nature of the event.