Hack South

Hack South was born in 2020, just before South Africa went into COVID-19 lockdown. It has since grown into a vibrant little community - bringing together a diverse spectrum of people, professions and cultures.

The community aims to be a safe place for cyber security professionals, students, enthusiasts, researchers and curious minds to come together and share their collective insight, advice and guidance. It is a space to learn and grow while having fun.

It is still early days for the Hack South community and our future is bright. We have plenty of growth plans from our collective inception and individual contributions.

Hack South, stronger together.

We have set out some core values and initiatives on our Discord server to steer the community in a positive direction: To contribute to the wider security community and the people of South Africa.


We believe in all for one and one for all. Hack South aims to grow a diverse group of members from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and having faced various obstacles in life. Welcome all shapes and sizes in an effort to grow together and meet today’s challenges. Diversity makes us better. We know this, we live by it, we encourage it, we protect it, and we celebrate it.

According to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ubuntu is the belief that, “A person is a person through other persons, that my humanity is caught up, bound up, inextricably, with yours.”

Stronger, together


As security enthusiasts, we value privacy and security, and take the safety of our members to heart. We will strive to ensure Hack South is a safe place where all can contribute and learn. We have a zero tolerance of toxic, amoral behaviour or illicit activities which contravene local or international law.

Ethical, always


Cyber security is a complex field of many paths. Demand for skills is rising. One of our main driving forces is sharing resources, knowledge and learning materials through mentorship, sprouting opportunities to learn, and educate ourselves and others in our community. Together.

No “I” in Team


Hacker Culture - and the community that comes with it - brings some of the brightest technical minds together to share skills, insightful content, mentorship, and sometimes just some needed laughs. Hack South does not aim to replace existing communities, groups or teams. We hope to be a safe watering hole for groups and individuals to come together, share ideas, collaborate and grow in meaningful ways.

Go far, walk together


We hope to challenge and support each and every member - whether it is getting advice, discovering a new perspective, attempting a capture the flag competition, attending an event, or advancing their own learning path into security. Anything great is worth doing. We encourage our members to take that leap of faith, put their digital hand up, and feel safe to attempt something they have never tried before.

Hack the Planet!