I had the distinct privilege of being interviewed on eNCA yesterday !

eNCA -- a.k.a. e-News Channel Africa -- is the first and most watched news service in South Africa. You can imagine that it came as a bit of a shocker to me to receive a message request in my Twitter DM's from one of their guest bookers, asking me if I'd like to come on and discuss these policy changes. So I decided to do it:

A great thank you to the host (Dan Moyane) for their professionalism, as well as their accurate and neutral questioning. Remaining in the same observational stance as my article -- and not a confrontational stance -- allowed us to cover a lot of ground and enabled me to additionally dispel a few myths and hoaxes while I had a platform. I know it may not have seemed to be a professional interview (mainly due to my part in it), but it was an opportunity for honest and open discourse, and that alone is quite humbling for me. I wish to extend my thanks to eNCA for taking the time to view privacy as an important matter, important enough that it should be discussed on their platform.

I can only hope that people got enough material from that interview to start an open and honest discourse on matters important to society as we move forward in a world where we cannot live without Big Tech.

As for how I had landed in their field of vision, I only know a part of the story:

  1. Vocally criticizing the WhatsApp policy in voice chat on Hack South.
  2. Discussing this with Christo alongside Ibad (Bee) on HackSouth (see here).
  3. Publishing my article.
  4. ?
  5. Getting the proposition.

Many thanks to those that spread my article and gotten me there, you have had a significant impact in my life.

This article is originally published on AtomicMaya's Blog (original link here) and was published by them on the HackSouth blog, conform to the CC-BY-SA policy on the website.