0xcon 2020 is around the corner! We have some interesting local speakers sharing the hard work they have done over the year, and a privesc challenge that will be interesting to all of us. All of this will be done online due to COVID-19, but we are setting this up to maintain the collaborative nature of the event.

What is 0xcon?

We are a local infosec conference aimed towards building the Gauteng and ZA community. We welcome both experienced and new speakers alike, and work hard to keep things free and open to everyone. Details about us are at 0xcon.co.za, and we have a history of past talks at 0xcon.co.za/history.html.

This year’s function will be on November 14.

How will the 2020 event work?

We are pre-recording all the talks and will publish them to YouTube one-by-one according to the schedule we will post at 0xcon.co.za. Each of the speakers will be on the Hack South Discord where you can talk to them anytime.

What is the challenge?

We put this together to show how vulnerabilities can be chained together to achieve a goal. You will start with some OSINT and end up with root privileges on the web server. We have prizes for the first two peeps to get root, which we will happily ship anywhere in ZA.

Who will be speaking?

Speaker Summary
@tkempheks Presenting work he and @TH3_GOAT_FARM3R did on github.com/sensepost/routopsy - a toolkit built to attack networking protocols
@jarednaude Presenting a retrospective on 2020 and the challenges it presented to our industry
@s3cu14r How to turn the tide on attackers by reusing their mangled EXEs against them
@GDdeJong How to install Doom on the Mars rover
@AngusRedBlue OSINT: The gateway drug your mother never told you about.
@zeroice28 Will give a walkthrough of our challenge