The United Nations Cybercrime Unit in Africa, lead by Carmen Corbin_UN created a unique Digital Forensics CTF competition for the month of May. This was only open for the African continent for people who are keen to see how their skills are in the digital forensics cybersecurity field. I for one do not work in the digital forensics field so I wanted to see how I would do in this but having worked as a systems administrator for most of my career, and now trying to make a move into offensive / forensics security, I was keen to find out.

African DFIR
African DFIR

I only saw the CTF on the 6th May, thanks to a post by Ms_R00T, so they need a shout!

This challenge was created by DFIR.Science. This was unique in a way that you had to complete 4 weeks of challenges and also try to complete the challenges before other people did.

I was excited.

  • Week 1 you were given a suspect disk to analyze.

  • Week 2 you were given a memory dump of the suspect disk.

  • Week 3 you were given a network dump of the suspect computer.

  • Week 4 you were given a dump of the android phone of the suspect.

For me, having a full time job, I couldn’t spend every minute of the day trying to do the challenges and seeing people finish challenges before you could even attempt them was disheartening, but I told myself, this is all about learning and the scoreboard should mean nothing.
At the end of the month I was pretty surprized to have ended in the top 10!
A team from Benin finished the top 5 spots, with South Africa 6th (myself) and the rest of the top 10 was rounded up by Tanzania.

African DFIR

African DFIR

I did write ups for all 4 weeks which you can check out on my blog to get an idea of what the challenges were like.

To all the contestants, well done and so happy to have seen so many Cybersecurity Enthusiasts take on this challenge.

I want to give shout out to everyone who had a hand in creating this CTF and gave a lot of people in Africa the chance to compete.